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Be My Postman EP


Hello and welcome to the second Chemistry Experiment EP. If you bought our last record you may notice that in the last year we have taken a dramatic change of direction. Our vinyl is a bit thicker. Some of the songs were even recorded in a studio. However, to keep with tradition, we'd like to tell you a little about the music contained herein:

'Charles Aznavour Song', as the name suggests, is a cover of a Charles Aznavour song- well, sort of. The lyrics are taken from an English translation of 'Quand J'en Aurai Assez', but we wrote the music before we listened to the record. It is the first gay anthem of the new millennium.

'Stevie Wonder' is actually called 'Stevie Wonder's Got His Finger On The Funky Pulse' or 'Stevie Wonder's Got His Shiny Silver Hand On The Funky Pulse', depending on which member of the band you listen to. However, we decided to shorten the name for the sake of not seeming quite so ridiculous. Despite all appearances to the contrary, it's not a cover of a Stevie Wonder song, or indeed a gay anthem. Unless you want it to be.

'I Might Cry' is the third in our 'Cry' series. It follows a short tradition of songs featuring water percussion. A very short tradition. Steve is particularly proud of the fact that he managed to rhyme 'hurt' with 'certificate'. Someone who shall remain nameless would like to register the fact that she's not so impressed.

'Are You A Slave To Your History?' was recorded at the same time as our last EP. Shortly after recording, Steve and Paul blew up their keyboard. Thus, this song becomes the epitaph for the Roland String Synth bought from a dodgy shop in Hyson Green for 30 pounds.

'Be My Postman' is the vocal debut of 'diva' Kawasaki. It was meant to feature Russian singing but the Russians didn't turn up, so Emily had to wear a furry hat to compensate. Martin drummed impeccably and Lee played Hammond badly- see if you notice.

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